Wednesday, July 20, 2011

[npc] The Old Woman

The Old Woman
Forgotten Lost One

Sir Felix Southpaw first encountered The Old Woman when he left Sparrow's side to help a burning building during one of their crime-fighting nights.   She was found to be under the care of a young man and bereft of all Glamour.

Before Sir Felix could help her further, however, a self-proclaimed doctor named Joseph van Noceti III stepped forward and took her from him.  At that time, Sir Felix though he had the responsibility of taking care of her, even if his touch seems to cause him numbness.

A second encounter had Sir Felix finding her in a hospital, under watchful guard of two Trolls.  The suspected Dauntain once again resurfaced and took her from his grasp, having used a strange power to force Sir Felix to repeatedly get a glass of water.  The Old Woman is currently missing.

Master Seamus has shared that The Old Woman is one of the fallen members of the Crystal Circle, a group of elite changelings who had mastered at least two Arts during their lifetime.

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