Thursday, July 14, 2011

I - The Ordinary World - Part Two

An old grump finds himself haunted by a strange apparition and discovers a friend whose body is as mercurial as silver.  He finds himself reborn as a long-missing hero with a princess under his watch and a fragmented set of memories as his guide.  But his second chimerical companion of gold has yet to be rescued.  And his life and world, as he knows them, are about to change forever.

A young storyteller discovers his wards are on the verge of either an epiphany or a down spiral, depending on how he handles the banal director.  He finds himself on the first steps towards gaining some ground politically when his stories gain the attention of a dark beauty and those affiliated to the High King himself.  Would his claims regarding the Night of Iron Knives be taken well, considering there were no survivors of that fated horrible moment in history?

The young knight, Sir Felix, learns of a man whose very touch bears the bitter cold of winter, more of the Crystal Circle and how his boggan friend has long been affiliated to it.  He carefully eludes being entangled in a duty, but now finds himself the protector of two freeholds.  The quest begins with him finding himself unwilling to accept the herald of a House.

The ambitious baroness, Lady Songbird, finds herself entangled in the knowing tactics of a possible kinain who seeks to protect his one and only love, while juggling the political expectations placed upon her by the countess and her ties to the Unseelie court.  The trod leads to many places, it seems, and the messenger that comes is one from the Kingdom of Willows.

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