Sunday, July 17, 2011

[ncp] Sir Thortal

Sir Thortal
Detective Ewan Kyle Abner
Sidhe Knight, Wilder
Seelie of an House Scathach

Ewan Kyle Abner walks a fine line between the two worlds he is part of.  In one, he is a detective working for the New York Police Department, handling any investigations that seem to be too strange for a typical detective to handle.  In the other, he is a knight of an unspoken House, loyal to Duke Kelodin and while not one of the Red Branch knights, seems to be given much leeway and authority by the High King as well.

Recognized by Flynn Wordweaver to be one of the rare Sidhe Knights of House Scathach; the Sidhe House that opted to stay among the humans and commoners when the Sidhe first abandoned the changelings to the Autumn World.

Sir Thortal has many secrets, and seems to practice strange unfamiliar Arts.
What is his story?

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