Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I - The Ordinary World - Part Three

Lady Songbird meets Sir Thortal who comes to bring her an invitation.  She is invited to a closed event to be held in Homefires, the Winter Court freehold of the High King himself. The invite turns out to be as a proxy since Countess Vena is unable to attend.  She realizes he lacks a proper gown to wear and opts to visit Goblin Town, despite Sir Real's concerns, to find Nockers and Boggans who can craft a magnificent chimerical voile for her to wear.  There she meets Doctor Coma and Lady Alexandria, who passes to her, through a kiss, a small note that contains two letters:  S and C.   At the event, her destiny is then tied to that of a young storyteller as her actions to fulfill directions from the Unseelie Court inadvertently cause a faux pass towards Queen Mab; the Queen had plans on congratulating the couple before anyone else did.  Songbird does notice that the Countess was still present in the event, however disguised in the Boggan form she has an ability of wearing.

Flynn Wordweaver was excited at the prospect of performing before the High King and his retinue.  His excitement however quickly turned to fear when he found himself being scrutinized by the Red Branch knight, Sir Lleu Ardwyad, and the silent but intimidating Sir Thortal.  He recognized Sir Thortal as being one of the rare Sidhe of House Scathach.  He was then warned that his "truth" may bring about much bloodshed in Concordia, and that events that transpired in the Beltaine Night of Iron Knives may best be left forgotten.  He is reminded all that died that night perished of Cold Iron.  His claim to have resurrected from that event is impossible, and yet Ardwyad does not proclaim his words to be false.  Later he meets Duke Dray, who he finds to be a tremendously funny fellow, much to the Duke's dismay.   Soon, he meets Faerylith and is touched by her friendly personality.  When the High King arrives and proclaims his feelings for the Eiluned woman, it is Flynn who follows Lady Songbird in supporting the union of the two.  Flynn is asked to come to the Kingdom of Willows to perform for the High King when he meets with the King of Willows, Faerylith's adoptive father.  Destiny has him take from Sief Raushan a place he felt was already his.

Sir Felix Southpaw was expecting a quiet night, with two freeholds now under his protection.  Having declined the offer to be knighted and to take part in Master Seamus' quest, he watched over the Coffee Biscuit Tea freehold and was wondering about the supposed second freehold near Tara Nar when he realized that Stacey had not come to work.  A call leads him to learning she had been taken to the hospital and a visit brings him to once again cross lines with the strange unfolding plans of a Joseph van Noceti III.  From a hospital confrontation that leads to the disappearance of the old woman he had rescued before, to a chase accompanied by Sir Thortal and seemingly guided by chance unfolding events, the two eventually rescue Sparrow from the Dauntain's attempts to feed, and uncover Sparrow's true identity: She is Princess Lenore, heir to Concordia and daughter of the High King, long run away but actually under the guardianship and guidance of Master Seamus of the Crystal Circle.  They share worries of the Dauntain's weapon, an ancient treasure known as The Gray Sword, and Felix silently ponders on his vague remembrances of having once owned the sword to fight against a living mountain of ice.  After escorting her back to Tara Nar, Felix visits the Freehold and learns it has 7 curtained gateways, the same number as that of the members of the Crystal Circle which Seamus was part of.

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