Monday, July 4, 2011

[pc] The Storyteller Who Survived

Flynn Wordweaver
Noah Wylder
Played by Urim
Eshu, Wilder

This young Eshu has a remarkable story to share.   Word has slowly begun to spread that he was present during the Night of the Iron Knives and has somehow reincarnated with memories of the said event.  His search to share the truth, however, may prove much more complicated than he realizes.

The Eshu however has more than the search for vengeance and justice in his heart.  He watches over a pair of young dreamers who currently are being cared for in an orphanage and much to his surprise, a freehold has manifested in the grounds.  Even the Duke Kelodin himself had suggested the young storyteller consider gaining a title in order to claim the freehold as his own.

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