Secret Societies and Organizations

The Crystal Circle
Composed of changelings who have mastered an Art and have learned to expand on their magical abilities beyond  those done by typical Kithain.   The Crystal Circle is currently fragmented with far too many of its members either lost in the depths of the Dreaming if not chimerically dead.  The only currently active member, Master Seamus, is currently on a quest in hopes of rescuing the ones he can find.

The Riders of the Midnight Roads
Messengers who travel through countless trods to delivery messages and packages of import, these Riders in many ways have traded their swords and armor for a sworn duty to keep the lines of communication strong.   Many of its members are part of a long forgotten House.

The Parliament of Dreams
Created by the Commoner King, High King David Ardry, the Parliament of Dreams allows both commoners and Nobles to be part of the governmental process.  While there are many who question the existence of the group, claiming it effectively removes the chance for the Unseelie Court to rule alternately with the Seelie Court, most believe the Parliament is a much welcome alternative to the Accordance War of the past.

The Shadow Court
Believed to be composed of members of the Unseelie Court who have gathered in secret in hopes of bringing down the Parliament of Dreams.  The group has little care for the Commoner's King and believe that the Endless Winter is near and only the Shadow Court can lead the changelings to the next Season.

The Red Branch Knights
The High King's personal guard are the Red Branch Knights.  Empowered with magical oaths and gifted with powerful treasures, these Knights (composed mostly of Sidhe and Trolls) are easily recognized by their red garb and the crest they wear on their right chest.

The Lion Guard
The Kingdom of Apples has as well the Lion Guard, which acts as the main military force of Queen Mab ap Fiona.  Well-funded and ensured influential positions in mortal institutions, the Lion Guard are second only to the Red Branch Knights in esteem and trust-worthiness.

The Beltaine Blade
Information to follow.

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