Saturday, January 7, 2012

IV - The Meeting With The Mentor - Part Three

Sir Felix finds  himself staring down the barrel of a shotgun.  With Flynn Wordweaver crippled by the earlier blast, and Lady Songbird runover by the van, the young Pooka Knight is forced to deal with the battle by his lonesome. 

As Sir Felix uses all the tactics he could muster to bring the banal retainers down, Flynn Wordweaver finds himself addressed and is magically healed by Caliburn itself.

Lady Songbird summons the power of the Glamour itself and calls upon the Wyrd, to use her powers to have the women present to charge at the van and disable it. 

When the battle ends, they discover the cold iron cage inside the van that contains a disheveled man whose Glamour was so faint, he reeked of Banality.  As the three draw him out and attempt to awaken him, Flynn discovers to his horror that Caliburn does NOT recognize David Ardry as the High King.  Only as David.

As the group try to find a way to bring David safely back to Tara Nar, they are forced to separate when paramedics arrive to help the crippled Lady Songbird.  Evading the public eye, Flynn slips through the wall of the mall with David and attempts to Soothsay a way out.

Unfortunately, other forces learn of David's rescue and begin to converge at the same mall.  Among them, the ever infamous Duke Dray.


Elsewhere, Lady Songbird finds herself visited by a shadowy figure.  The thing that has been labelled the Clipper stands before her, and reveals to her a long forgotten truth:  She is of House Lheanan and she had used her own Treasure, the Locket, to make herself forget that fact.   Clipper, as it turns out, was one of her most loyal subjects in the past.


In hopes of bringing peace sooner, Lenore and Morwen declare a united front.  They hope that the ongoing war can be brought to a sooner end if they at least unite in the name of peace.


Flynn Wordweaver realizes that the reason David Ardry is not being recognized may be due to the  emergence of the Gray Sword.  The old legend of the Sibling Swords come to mind.  A third sword may yet emerge and when the three are united, the True High King will be determined.

And in the Kingdom of Apples, Danwyn ap Gwydion raises his hands to the sound of support and adulation given by the growing crowd of both Dreamers and Kithain.  On his belt, the Gray Sword hangs.  And in the shadows, Joseph van Noceti III waits for new commands.

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