Sunday, January 8, 2012

[npc] Self Proclaimed High King Danwyn ap Gwydion

High King Danwyn ap Gwydion
Sidhe High King of the Concordia, Grump
Seelie of House Gwydion

Charismatic.  Handsome.  Inspiring.  Powerful.
There are few words that can describe Danwyn as anything but a man who deserves a kingly compliment.  His electrifying presence emotionally awakens others and his majestic standing makes it difficult for anyone to question his motives.

Lady Songbird recalls faint memories of once being his Queen.  And in their hands once was the most powerful Treasure through-out the Dreaming: The Triumph Casque of Sorrows.

Now, stationed within the Kingdom of Apples, with Queen Mab as his strongest supporter, Danwyn rallies more and more support under his banner.  And Lady Songbird, now reawakened to her Leanhaun past, stands beside him.

Some suspect a more sinister plan behind his eyes, however.  Joseph van Noceti III already serves him and the Gray Sword already is in his possession.  Does his appearance herald the coming of Winter?  Or is he the only Salvation that truly exists?

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