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[npc] Miles

Miles Sharpe
Unenchanted Mortal

Miles is a young man who has an ear for music, a gift for the piano, and a total lack of self confidence.  Though he is in what others would deem to be a successful gay relationship, his insecurities clearly show when he finds himself drawn to the beautiful Lady Songbird.

He is completely unawares to the supernatural natures of the people he meets, and this ignorance may someday lead to his downfall.

Or death.

Recently, however, he has started to have moments where he seems to act, or react, as if enchanted.  During such spells, he fails to recognize Lady Songbird or her entourage, and some times speaks in a manner very different from her usual way of speaking.   The Baroness wonders if he is in the throes of a coming Chrysalis.

[npc] "The Clipper"

There are scattered news reports of a serial killer in the city who may or may not actually be targetting Kithain.  Dubbed by the media as "The Clipper," the serial killer stalks the streets of New York and has murdered at least five different people within the last few months.  His weapon of choice seems to be a pair of scissors or gardening shears, which he uses to mutilate his victims and deface them, making identification a much harder process to accomplish.

The reports seemingly indicate that the targets have mostly been members of the LBGT community, and those close to the victims claim to either recall hearing or noted the presence of Carpenter songs in the location where the victims were said to have been attacked.

Factual information regarding the serial killer remains to be gathered.

[npc] Stacey Holden

Stacey Holden
Unenchanted Mortal

Stacey works at "Coffee Biscuit Tea" and is completely oblivious that her boss, Todd Haelim is actually one of the changelings in the city.  She seemingly is caught up in a whirlwind of regret, having lost twice her beloved dog, Harold  Barnabas P. Smyth, once through actual death, and a second time with the seemingly-dead dog having returned, and kept her company for a few months before vanishing again.

It was only learned later by Sir Felix that Stacey had somehow created a chimerical version of her late dog, the very pet which inspired her enough to launch what was a quite successful comic line.  But this chimerical companion had been forcibly weakened, then later destroyed by the indirect actions of a certain Joseph van Noceti III, who had visited Stacey and given her medicinal pills to help her overcome seeing hallucinations.

[npc] Sir Real

Sir Real
Julian Wycott
Boggan Knight, Grump
Unseelie of House Fiona

Wygar was merely a grump Boggan who was content to collect money and map out a future for himself that had money, money, and money as part of it.  What he did not anticipate was meeting the Lady Songbird and falling for her beauty.

After swearing an Oath of Fealty to her, Wygar was renamed Sir Real and has become a steadfast vassal of the Baroness.  His knowledge of Wayfare would be quite useful had he not limited his Realm learnings to Actor and Nature.

He has a hatred towards sharing anything and time will tell how the Baroness' growing acquisition of allies and followers will color their relationship.

[npc] Countess Vena

Countess Vena
Unseelie Countess, Wilder
Sidhe of House Eiluned

The Countess Vena is known to be one of the most influential and connected members of the Unseelie Sidhe in the Duchy of the Golden Sigil.  Her allies can be found in both Seelie and Unseelie camps and her influence can be felt even in the other Duchies of the Kingdom of Apples.  Some whisper she may even eventually someday contest the position of Queen Mab herself.

She is rumored to have a means to travel about without being detected as well, having some secret ability to traverse many domains without being detected or identified.  Some say it is this same trait which wins her much favors from many sides among the Kithain.

What her overall goals are to be remain to be seen.  She has, however, said to have taken an interest in Lady Songbird of House Fiona.

[pc] The Unorthodox Knight

Sir Felix Southpaw
James McTaggert
Played by Rocky
Pooka, Wilder

Travels around the many Kingdoms searching for both adventure and challenges to overcome, the young Pooka acts with the knightly determination of a Noble man even if he is not a member of any actual House.

His heroic exploits are made possible by his skill, panache and empowered by the two powerful Treasures that he owns:  the rapier known as the Silver Dancer whose blade ignores all steel, rendering most armors and shields useless, and a cloak of invisibility called Krypten.

Strange nightmares assail the poor Lynx Pooka however as  dreams of a woman of ivory and ice haunt his dreams.  He knows he had somehow escaped her grasp but wonders if he will ever see her again.  He fears he will but desperately hopes he is wrong.

[pc] The Unexpected Knave of the Kingdom

Lady Songbird
Kristine Kerrigan
Played by Mahar
Sidhe Baroness, Wilder, Unseelie of House Fiona

Tends to the Freehold known as The Patrician.  Has plans of creating an easy font for Glamour for the Unseelie Court by unleashing productions that unsettle the mind and shatter illusions.

Owns a Treasure known as the Nepha, a locket pendant which can erase the specific memories of a person once a sympathetic connection is created.

Is seen by other Unseelie Nobles as having strong Seelie leanings, which has made many question her integrity in the Court.

[npc] Queen Mab ap Fiona

Queen Mab ap Fiona
Sidhe Queen of the Kingdom of Apples, Grump
Seelie of House Fiona

Oldest among the monarchs of Concordia, Queen Mab is a strong Reformer and was very instrumental in High King David's rise to power.  She is a visionary ruler, who believes that the only opportunity for Kithain survival is unity across all lines of kith and court.

Queen Mab's court of Caer Palisades has more commoners in positions of power than any other existing court, including Tara Nar itself.   She is formidable grandame of great wisdom and, though aging, beauty.

[npc] Seamus

Master Seamus
Todd Haelim
Seelie Count, Wilder
Boggan of House Eiluned
Member of the Crystal Circle

Owner of the Freehold "Coffee Biscuit Tea" which is situated near the Port Authority Bus Terminal.  This boggan helps any changelings that arrive in the Duchy of the Golden Sigil.   A loyal servant of Duke Kelodin, Seamus is actually married and does not stay in the Freehold at night.

One of his hired hands is a goth girl named Stacey who recently had lost her dog Harold Barnabas P. Smyth.  The dog used to be a huge inspiration in her life, leading to her creating a comic about it.

It has been revealed that Master Seamus is a member of the Crystal Circle and has been watching over the Princess Lenore, whom all had thought to have been missing for a long time.  Master Seamus has once again taken the quest to rescue the former members of the Crystal Circle.  They had been chimerically slain in an epic battle against one of the Dauntain.

[npc] Sparrow

Princess Lenore
Heir to the Kingdom of Concordia
a.k.a. Sally Sparrow
Sidhe, Seelie, House Dougal
Multi-talented and massively skilled, Sparrow claims to have run away from a household that isn't "like her" and have kept her locked up for years.  She has now reached the Kingdom of Apples and is staying at Seamus' Freehold "Coffee Biscuit Tea" for the nonce.

At night, she runs around the city saving children who ask for her help against monstrous chimera that seem to be running amok.  Or tries other things like driving a taxi cab, or rescuing animals from burning buildings.

She has recently been escorted back to Tara Nar, after Sir Felix realized she was the missing Princess who had run away.  She is the daughter of the High King David Ardry and is often referred to as the Heir to the Kingdom.

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The Kingdoms of Concordia

The High King David Ardry Ap Gwydion rules over Concordia (North America) since 1971. Concordia is made of many Kingdoms.

Kingdom of Apples: Ruled by Queen Mab Ap Fiona.
Kingdom of the Burning Sun: Ruled by Chief Greyhawk Ap Gwydion.
Kingdom of the Feathered Snake: Ruled by Duke Topaz Ap Gwydion.
Kingdom of Grass: Ruled by Queen Elizabeth Ap Dougal.
Kingdom of Pacifica: Ruled by Queen Aeron Ap Fiona.
Kingdom of the Northern Ice: Ruled by Queen Laurel.
Kingdom of Willows: Ruled by King Meilge Ap Eiluned.

For simplicity sake, the game will focus entirely in Concordia.   There are other Kingdoms beyond Concordia; there is Hibernia (Ireland), Caledonia (Scotland), Albion (England), Cymru (Wales), Iberia (Spain), Neustria (France), the Galacian Confederation (Eastern Europe), the Northern Realms (Scandinavia), the Isles of the Wandering Dream (Australia) and the Land of Ancient Mysteries (Africa).  But rather than make the game a worldwide story, it might be suffice to limit the story to North America alone, and the Dreaming.  

The Unseelie Court

The Unseelie are often viewed as the night to the Seelie Court’s day. Seen as the “bad” fae (although it is unfair to say any member of the Dreaming is entirely “good” or “evil”) they mock the traditions the Seelie try to uphold and believe the Dreaming has deserted them. Valuing change, free-thinking, progress, and passion, they do not attempt to merge the Dreaming with the mortal realm again and have no desire to reclaim Arcadia; they believe wishing for the past is foolish, and look only to the future. The Unseelie are seen as radicals, twisting Seelie ideas for sake of personal gain. Glamour, which is needed for all fae, is abused for self gain and power. Banality, which is feared above all else by the Seelie, is instead viewed (by the most radical of Unseelie) as a powerful tool which needs to be harnessed in order to ensure survival.
Unseelie Court by Medb hErenn
Unseelie Code
  1. Change is good -- Stagnation is the road to banality. Nothing lasts forever, and the smallest spin in the wheel of fortune can mean the difference between being being a Prince or a Pauper. Chaos brings new forms of Glamour. To refuse to change is to deny the universe. Adapt or Die
  2. Glamour is free -- Glamour is everywhere, and if not used is worthless to all, unseelie or seelie. Hoarding it away is irresponsible and makes no sense, as it is replenishible. As long as there are mortals to muse or ravage there will always be those who dream -- therefor there will always be Glamour. Acquire by any means possible, and you will never be with out.
  3. Honor is a lie -- The modern world does not hold any place for ancient virtues like Honor. This is merely a thin veil of paint to cover the emptiness behind a great deal of traditions. Only the truth can be attained though one's own self interest.
  4. Passion before duty -- To deny your passions is to deny your fae self. This leads to stagnation and hence banality. Follow what you feel, trust your instincts, and act on your impulses. Live life to the fullest with out regard to what the consequences may bring. Those hang overs will still come in the morning. Life is short, live in the moment and enjoy it whiles you can. Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you may die.


In the past, the Unseelie Court ruled during the winter months (Samhain to Beltaine) and transferred power to the Seelie Court during the summer months (Beltaine to Samhain). Currently the Court is ruled year round by the Seelie Court, with a token exception during Samhain, a matter that causes unrest and argument among nobles and common folk alike.

The Seelie Court

The Seelie Court was originally known as the Summer Court and held dominance between Beltane/May Day and Samhain/Halloween. The Seelie Court has its own motivations and beliefs, summed up by the Seelie Code. Of course, this is in direct opposition to the Unseelie Code, and in modern days Changelings typically pick one Court or the other to belong to.

The Seelie Court by Patricia McCracken

The Seelie Code

  1. Death before dishonor -- Honor is the most important of virtues even in this modern world, Knights and Royals still exist. And Honor is the Source of all glory for them. Keep your personal honor intact, even if that means that you travel down a road that leads to your demise.
  2. Love conquers all -- Love is the purest expressions of what it means to be Seelie. Love in its truest form True love goes beyond all and personifies what it means to be Seelie. Courtly love best expresses love in its highest form, although love of family and friends can embody all that is this most of exalted of virtues. Anything can be done, and is permitted in the name of true love.
  3. Beauty is life --- A timeless quality, it is a quality that can not truly be described but is, as one sees it, one knows it. It is the muse of all creativity, like a blooming blue rose of the Dreaming. Found it must be protected, for it is both eternal and fragile. It is an Honor, nae, privilege to die in the act of protecting something that represents Beauty.
  4. Never forget a debt -- All good deeds are not with out reward, likewise all terrible acts should be punished as such. When receiving a gift, one is obligated to return the favor. An oath of friendship should be answered with a corresponding oath. To refuse aid to someone you are indebted to is a grave insult. Never refuse to aid anyone to whom you are indebted. Never forget a kindness... or a cruel act.

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About the Game

"You lead a double life, alternating between reality and fantasy.   Caught in the middle ground between dream and wakefulness, you are neither wholly fae nor wholly mortal, but burdened with the cares of both.  Finding a happy medium between the wild, insane world of the fae and the deadening, banal world of humanity is essential if you are to remain whole.  Although your faerie self is ageless and eternal, your mortal body and mind grow older and less resilient as you move through life.  Sooner or later, nearly all changelings succumb to one of two equally terrifying conditions;  Banality, the loss of their faerie magic; or Bedlam, the loss of their mortal reason.

"But is this fate inevitable?  Can you retain your childlike wonder while fighting against the frigid Banality that seeks to numb your mind and steal your past?  Can you ride the currents of the Dreaming without being swept away in the maelstrom of Bedlam?

"You stand alone in the mundane world.  No mortal will ever understand the depth of your alienation, strangeness, and uniqueness.   Though you may try to communicate your condition through art (and many have tried and failed), only those with faerie blood will see, understand, and appreciate what you are.

"An exile among exiles.  Lost among the lost.  The stranger in every crowd.

"Hail, fellow traveler- welcome to the Dreaming."

Introduction, Changeling:  The Dreaming

Changeling the Dreaming by tunatorpedo

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Once Upon a Time,

there lived a city that never slept.
There lived a statue that never moved.
There lived an enchantment that was never broken.


Upon a time when things were young.

There lived a servant.
A sword.
And a secret sleeping.


But that time is over.
This is now.