Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Seelie Court

The Seelie Court was originally known as the Summer Court and held dominance between Beltane/May Day and Samhain/Halloween. The Seelie Court has its own motivations and beliefs, summed up by the Seelie Code. Of course, this is in direct opposition to the Unseelie Code, and in modern days Changelings typically pick one Court or the other to belong to.

The Seelie Court by Patricia McCracken

The Seelie Code

  1. Death before dishonor -- Honor is the most important of virtues even in this modern world, Knights and Royals still exist. And Honor is the Source of all glory for them. Keep your personal honor intact, even if that means that you travel down a road that leads to your demise.
  2. Love conquers all -- Love is the purest expressions of what it means to be Seelie. Love in its truest form True love goes beyond all and personifies what it means to be Seelie. Courtly love best expresses love in its highest form, although love of family and friends can embody all that is this most of exalted of virtues. Anything can be done, and is permitted in the name of true love.
  3. Beauty is life --- A timeless quality, it is a quality that can not truly be described but is, as one sees it, one knows it. It is the muse of all creativity, like a blooming blue rose of the Dreaming. Found it must be protected, for it is both eternal and fragile. It is an Honor, nae, privilege to die in the act of protecting something that represents Beauty.
  4. Never forget a debt -- All good deeds are not with out reward, likewise all terrible acts should be punished as such. When receiving a gift, one is obligated to return the favor. An oath of friendship should be answered with a corresponding oath. To refuse aid to someone you are indebted to is a grave insult. Never refuse to aid anyone to whom you are indebted. Never forget a kindness... or a cruel act.

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