Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Kingdoms of Concordia

The High King David Ardry Ap Gwydion rules over Concordia (North America) since 1971. Concordia is made of many Kingdoms.

Kingdom of Apples: Ruled by Queen Mab Ap Fiona.
Kingdom of the Burning Sun: Ruled by Chief Greyhawk Ap Gwydion.
Kingdom of the Feathered Snake: Ruled by Duke Topaz Ap Gwydion.
Kingdom of Grass: Ruled by Queen Elizabeth Ap Dougal.
Kingdom of Pacifica: Ruled by Queen Aeron Ap Fiona.
Kingdom of the Northern Ice: Ruled by Queen Laurel.
Kingdom of Willows: Ruled by King Meilge Ap Eiluned.

For simplicity sake, the game will focus entirely in Concordia.   There are other Kingdoms beyond Concordia; there is Hibernia (Ireland), Caledonia (Scotland), Albion (England), Cymru (Wales), Iberia (Spain), Neustria (France), the Galacian Confederation (Eastern Europe), the Northern Realms (Scandinavia), the Isles of the Wandering Dream (Australia) and the Land of Ancient Mysteries (Africa).  But rather than make the game a worldwide story, it might be suffice to limit the story to North America alone, and the Dreaming.  

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