Sunday, June 26, 2011

[npc] Sparrow

Princess Lenore
Heir to the Kingdom of Concordia
a.k.a. Sally Sparrow
Sidhe, Seelie, House Dougal
Multi-talented and massively skilled, Sparrow claims to have run away from a household that isn't "like her" and have kept her locked up for years.  She has now reached the Kingdom of Apples and is staying at Seamus' Freehold "Coffee Biscuit Tea" for the nonce.

At night, she runs around the city saving children who ask for her help against monstrous chimera that seem to be running amok.  Or tries other things like driving a taxi cab, or rescuing animals from burning buildings.

She has recently been escorted back to Tara Nar, after Sir Felix realized she was the missing Princess who had run away.  She is the daughter of the High King David Ardry and is often referred to as the Heir to the Kingdom.

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