Sunday, July 17, 2011

[npc] High King David Ardry

David Ardry ap Gwydion
Sidhe High King, Grump
Seelie of House Gwydion

Often known as the "commoners' king," David Ardry is still widely popular with both commoners and nobles.  He does, however, have enemies with numerous groups.   The tale of how he acquired Caliburn while just a boy himself, and barely past his Wilder years, and used it to end the Accordance War is a legendary told many times.  He is still a great diplomat and perhaps may have only been the one who could have ended the war as amicably as he did.

He has announced feelings for the Lady Faerylith during her visit to the Kingdom of Willows and time will tell how his announcement shall shape  Concordia.

Queen Mab, Queen Mary Elizabeth, Queen Laurel are all strong supporters of David.  Queen Aeron and Queen Morganna show deference, but are generally cool toward him.  King Meilge shows some antipathy towards him.

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