Monday, July 4, 2011

[pc] The Rescued Lost One

Rendsever the Steel Gnasher
Leon Reed
Played by Victor
Redcap, Grump

The redcap was once a knight devoted to serve a member of the esteemed Crystal Circle.  His disciplined self may have seemed dissonant to what was expected of a typical redcap, but his capacity for battle was not.  He had two sentient chimerical companions at his side: Argent whose silvery feathered body could be transformed to either a bow  (with arrows) or a shield, and Oro whose golden scaled form could be invoked into a sword or suit of armor.  He also owned the KR Ring which whispered him guidance at times when he was not sure what to do.

The grump was chimerically slain when a quest with the Crystal Circle went awry.  Somehow, his promise to watch over the Princess remained strong, however and his mortal host remained close by to watch over her.  The chimerical beast known as the Magmagore, however, continued to hunt him whenever his changeling soul was on the verge of reincarnating, and his numerous chimerical deaths had cost him much of his memories.

His return marks the reemergence of the many Lost Ones of the Crystal Circle and has sparked within Master Seamus the need to do what he can to rescue the rest.

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