Saturday, July 30, 2011

[npc] Vlad Rogvodov

Vlad Rogvodov
Redcap Advocate, Grump
Unseelie of House Ailil

Vlad Rogvodov is one of the few openly-acknowledged Advocates in the Parliament of Dreams who is clearly not of the known Seelie Houses.  He vocally calls for the importance of change and adaptability in the Autumn world and tends to be a charismatic speaker when discussing the need to prepare for the coming Winter.  Some have mistaken him to be part of the Shadow Court, when deep down, Vlad has no cares for revenge or domination.  He merely seeks to bring back the balance that once existed, with the Seelie and Unseelie Court sharing the rule over the Autumn World.

While he actively campaigns in the Parliament of Dreaming, hoping to be the 5% Unseelie membership up to an even 50%, he is disgusted with the Parliament's existence and feels its very practice removes the need to return to the balance of the old ways.

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