Thursday, July 14, 2011

[npc] - Argent

The Dance of Mercury

Loyal to Rendsever, the Steel Gnasher, Argent has silently been watching him and waiting for him to recover from his chimerical deaths.

Playful and mischievous, Argent has Pooka-esque qualities that can make him endearing, if not frustrating to communicate with.  Malleable in her very essence, it is hard to pin down if Argent is masculine or feminine at times, and can be both in more ways than expected at times.

Argent's key forms are that of the Bow and Arrow, or the Lover's Dance as he refers to it and the Shield or the Rave Against Time.   She supposedly can transform to even other things, but refuses to do so, claiming the right music has yet to inspire him.

Argent is a creature of Glamour and cannot affect unenchanted beings.  Her humanoid form is intangible and can only be perceived by things of the Dreaming.  If forced to affect the Autumn world, however, Argent may find himself thrown into the depths of the Dreaming.

Chimerical Companion - 3 dots

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