Monday, July 18, 2011

[npc] Duke Dray

Duke Dray
Mark Drayfuss of Dray Enterprises
Sidhe Duke, Grump
Seelie of House Gwydion

To most Kithain, Duke Dray is a twopenny joke; a comic-opera villain who twirls his mustache and vainly curses as yet another scheme of his is foiled.   Widely thought to be Unseelie, and perhaps a member of the Shadow Court, few realize how he is actually fanatically Seelie, so much that he has even less in common with most Seelie fae.

 The blood of the High Kings runs in his veins (he was High King Dyfell's cousin) and he is quite old, even by Kithain standards.  He is a supremely powerful sorcerer, possessing many of the common Arts as well as a few rare ones.  Some claim he possesses a freehold in the Far Dreaming.

To Duke Dray, any means justify the ends.  However, the conniving Duke finds himself usually misunderstood by the masses, with his words seemingly bringing laughter more often than spite.  If only they knew he has a head for intrigue that the lords of the Eiluned would envy.

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