Friday, July 22, 2011

[npc] King Meilge ap Eiluned

King Meilge ap Eiluned
Sidhe King of the Kindom of Willows, Grump
Seelie of House Eiluned

The always masked King of the Kingdom of Willows is known to have a strong Unseelie streak.  One of the most charismatic leaders among the sidhe, it is sad that the King has a reputation of being a mad and violent despot outside his Kingdom.  As dictatorial as he can get, he maintains a strong level of support among many commoners and considered something of an enigma by others based on how he straddles the breadth of the political spectrum.  Many attribute this duality of his being Traditionalist and Modernist to his strong Unseelie tendencies.

The Kingdom of Willows, sadly, is known throughout Concordia for its high-level of corruption, with numerous criminal elements setting up their base of operations in his domain.  His freehold, Willow's Heart, is a palace that overlaps an opulent high-rise in the heart of Atlanta's business district.  Some whisper him to be the "godfather" of this element and as a consequence is extremely wealthy... and dangerous.

His views of his adoptive daughter having stolen the High King's eye have yet to reach public record.  Some wonder if it was skillful tactical political maneuvering, Eiluned witchery, or mere proof of the blind loyalty of true love.

If the King himself has answers, he has yet to say anything.

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