Friday, July 22, 2011

[freehold] Coffee Biscuit Tea

Coffee Biscuit Tea
This simple freehold is located near Grand Central Station in the Kingdom of Apples.   The cafe is large enough to accommodate around ten customers (plus six more who would be seated at chairs outside the cafe) with a spacious display for all the offered pastries and sandwiches.  Behind the counter, the door leads to the hearth of the freehold, which appears as a beautiful oven that is always somewhat warm.  (Seamus had the oven built at the same place where the Hearth is, so the Hearth burns where the oven bakes.)

There is a magical shelf in the freehold as well which is able to conjure up any required ingredients for the unique pastries that Seamus makes.  The shelf is tied to the Freehold, however, and cannot be used by those who are not the "owner" of the place.

Holding rating: 2
Shelf (treasure): Legerdemain 3

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