Saturday, July 30, 2011

[npc] Rowena the Just

Rowena the Just
Sidhe Knight, Wilder
Seelie of House Scathach

Rowena is one of the Riders of the Midnight Trods.  The Riders are a worldwide organization of knights and squires who travel through the many Kingdoms using trods to deliver messages without transmitting them through unenchanted means.  Typically reserved for personal messages, important letters, and precious packages that would not survive the banal-rich postage and delivery systems, the Riders serve as a communications backbone for a collection of Kingdoms that would probably never be willing to cooperate in mapping out policy.

If push comes to shove, however, the Riders are still skilled knights who are more than capable of defending themselves.  They also have use of rare Arts that allows them to traverse the Dreaming with some greater level of safety.   Rowena particularly likes to use The Art of Metamorphosis to shrink her parcels (or passengers) for an easier journey.

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