Friday, July 22, 2011

[freehold] The Patrician

The Patrician
Currently under the ownership of Lady Songbird, the Patrician was a simple freehold that the Sidhe baroness was looking into transforming into a working theater.

Much to her surprise, Countess Vena and quite possibly certain characters in the Kingdom of Willows may have a different agenda in mind.  The freehold, as it turns out, has a powerful secret.  It houses a Trod deep in the dressing room (and that in itself would have been a powerful secret already), but more than just an ordinary trod, the doorway leads to numerous locations, with one of them actually being a place in the Near Dreaming where the Huntsman hunts and the other, beneath the shadows of Tara Nar itself.

Holding (1)
Trod (4)

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