Thursday, July 14, 2011

[npc] Vasily

Vasily Livanov
Enchanted Mortal

Vasily's history is harder to read, although his accent clearly reflects he is from Russia.  Emotionally and physically stronger than Shingko, Vasily understands the strangeness that surrounds him more than most expect.  His focus and almost supernatural dedication towards his goals makes him a far more useful retinue than most.

However, Vasily suffers from lapses.  A few times, Lady Songbird has found his servant intoxicated beyond belief, mumbling about "Solomin" and "Demons."  He has yet to explain what swirls in his alcohol-induced thoughts during such events.

Vasily seems to have knowledge of the finer things in life, suggesting he holds a past where his life once was lived among those of higher prestige.

Retinue rating: 2

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