Thursday, July 14, 2011

[ncp] The Wyld Huntsman

Tha huntes waeron swarte and micele and lardlice, and here hondes ealle swarte and bradegede and lardlice, and hi ridone on swarte hors and on swarte bucces....
("Then the hunters were black and large and terrifying, and their hounds were all black and broad-eyed and terrifying, and they rode on black horses and black goats....")
This is the Lord of the Wild hunt atop his fearsome mount. He has led countless chases to and through the Hedge in pursuit of those lost to their Keepers. 'Tis a pity those that are run to ground by the Hounds of this fearsome Hunt--and pity the Hounds as well, as lost as the prey they chase. Those who run from the sound of his bugle and the baying of his dogs rarely survive the chase and are better served to hide.

Encountered by chance by Lady Songbird, one can only wonder when their paths shall cross again.

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