Monday, July 4, 2011

[npc] Joseph van Noceti III

Joseph van Noceti III
Autumn Person (?)

The man named Joseph van Noceti III has been found by Sir Felix to be connected to a number of Changeling-related incidents in the past.  He was the presiding psychiatrist who gave Stacey the pills that "helped her cope with her hallucinations" leading to the death of her chimerical hound, Harold Barnabas P. Smyth.  He was also the doctor caring for the old woman who Sir Felix had rescued from a burning building.  The old woman had a spark of Glamour in her eyes, but lost it once more when he arrived.

His very touch seems anathema to the fae.  Sir Felix brushed his finger against  Joseph's the day they met, and his finger lost all feeling, then was struck by pins-and-needles-like pain for the next few hours.   It was almost as if the man was a walking font of Banality.

If such a thing were even possible.

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