Sunday, July 17, 2011

[npc] Faerilyth

Faerilyth ap Eiluned
Sidhe Lady, Wilder
Unseelie of House Eiluned

Beautiful, kind and mysterious, the Lady Faerilyth exemplifies the dark attractiveness associated with House Eiluned.  Waist-length black hair and dark eyes (that seem violet when happy) produce an unforgettable first impression on her subjects.  Slender sas a willow and as graceful as a deer, Faerilyth dresses in deep blues and violets.

Once the pampered ward of King Meilge, who had groomed the young lady for greatness, she has blossomed into a charismatic and notable personage, having won the High King's notice in secret.  The two kept their mutual feelings hidden from others, until an unexpected event while she toured the Kingdom of Apples resulted in their eventual admission of feelings.

There are many now who wonder what lies ahead for Concordia.  Will it be ready for an Unseelie High Queen?  What of Morwen, David's sister who stands as his advisor and seneschal? What of Princess Lenore, whom had already been once clearly referred to as his heir?

The future is uncertain.

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