Friday, July 22, 2011

[npc] Doctor Coma

Doctor Coma
Sluagh, Grump
Supervisor of Goblin Town

The extremely gaunt beatnik of indeterminate age, Doctor Coma wears the typical beat uniform of basic black, sometimes with a tween jacket, and perpetually wears a pair of dark round sunglasses.  There is often a raven perched on his shoulder.  For those who can see his faerie self, they see a rail-thin patch of midnight like a human black hole.  Exceptionally tall with straight black shoulder-length hair, his skin is bone white and his eyes are black, trimmed with silver.  He tends to wear clothes in the style worn in France during the Age of Reason.

He considers Goblin Town too important to be allowed to fall apart, and does what he must to keep it functioning and alive.

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