Saturday, July 2, 2011

[map] The Kingdom of Apples

The Kingdom of Apples is a vast domain, and its hierarchy of power complex in its practice.  For unlike other Kingdoms in Concordia, the Kingdom of Apples also houses the castle of the High King himself.   For purposes of the game, I have simplified the structure of relevant power as follows:

Tara Nar
Catskill Mountains
The High King resides in Tara Nar, a splendid fortress set amid the Catskill Mountains.  High King David Ardry maintains Tara Nar as both his official residential palace and as a showcase for the aspirations and dreams he held for the kingdom he was to rule.  The chimerical aspect of the grand lodge is a facade reminiscent of the high turreted, delicately spired fairy tale castles of France.  Its pale, almost translucent-looking walls reflect the changing colors of lake, sky and mountain, as clouds and sun, rain and snow create a succession of patterns in them.  Placed atop a rise in the center of a small mountain lake (referred to by Changelings as Kingslake), the fortress is protected by moat and reachable only via a stone causeway.

It is thus a shock to the Red Branch Knights that a trod from the Dreaming leads to an area close to Tara Nar.    The passageway represents both a useful advantage and a frighteningly weakness to the security of the High King's castle.

During the winter, however, High King David holds court at Homefires, a freehold maintained for him which can be found inside a tenant-owned Manhattan browstone that serves as an artists' colony.

Caer Palisades
Cliffside Park, New Jersey
The royal thronehold of Queen Mab can be found where once stood a vast center of Glamour and entertainment.   Caer Palisades appears as a modern castle, whose chimerical aspect merely adds a touch of color to the already imposing image.  Once, the hold's greater splendor was portrayed by the amusement park that once stood near its grounds.  Now, this shadow of a grander castle remains.

Buffalo, New York
Duke Kelodin holds court close to Niagara Falls at his freehold known as Wyntersnow.  There, the ennobled troll grump watches over the Duchy of the Golden Sigil and frequently travels to his secondary freehold called Coldfort in Manhattan.

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