Sunday, June 26, 2011

[pc] The Unorthodox Knight

Sir Felix Southpaw
James McTaggert
Played by Rocky
Pooka, Wilder

Travels around the many Kingdoms searching for both adventure and challenges to overcome, the young Pooka acts with the knightly determination of a Noble man even if he is not a member of any actual House.

His heroic exploits are made possible by his skill, panache and empowered by the two powerful Treasures that he owns:  the rapier known as the Silver Dancer whose blade ignores all steel, rendering most armors and shields useless, and a cloak of invisibility called Krypten.

Strange nightmares assail the poor Lynx Pooka however as  dreams of a woman of ivory and ice haunt his dreams.  He knows he had somehow escaped her grasp but wonders if he will ever see her again.  He fears he will but desperately hopes he is wrong.

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