Sunday, June 26, 2011

[npc] Seamus

Master Seamus
Todd Haelim
Seelie Count, Wilder
Boggan of House Eiluned
Member of the Crystal Circle

Owner of the Freehold "Coffee Biscuit Tea" which is situated near the Port Authority Bus Terminal.  This boggan helps any changelings that arrive in the Duchy of the Golden Sigil.   A loyal servant of Duke Kelodin, Seamus is actually married and does not stay in the Freehold at night.

One of his hired hands is a goth girl named Stacey who recently had lost her dog Harold Barnabas P. Smyth.  The dog used to be a huge inspiration in her life, leading to her creating a comic about it.

It has been revealed that Master Seamus is a member of the Crystal Circle and has been watching over the Princess Lenore, whom all had thought to have been missing for a long time.  Master Seamus has once again taken the quest to rescue the former members of the Crystal Circle.  They had been chimerically slain in an epic battle against one of the Dauntain.

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