Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Unseelie Court

The Unseelie are often viewed as the night to the Seelie Court’s day. Seen as the “bad” fae (although it is unfair to say any member of the Dreaming is entirely “good” or “evil”) they mock the traditions the Seelie try to uphold and believe the Dreaming has deserted them. Valuing change, free-thinking, progress, and passion, they do not attempt to merge the Dreaming with the mortal realm again and have no desire to reclaim Arcadia; they believe wishing for the past is foolish, and look only to the future. The Unseelie are seen as radicals, twisting Seelie ideas for sake of personal gain. Glamour, which is needed for all fae, is abused for self gain and power. Banality, which is feared above all else by the Seelie, is instead viewed (by the most radical of Unseelie) as a powerful tool which needs to be harnessed in order to ensure survival.
Unseelie Court by Medb hErenn
Unseelie Code
  1. Change is good -- Stagnation is the road to banality. Nothing lasts forever, and the smallest spin in the wheel of fortune can mean the difference between being being a Prince or a Pauper. Chaos brings new forms of Glamour. To refuse to change is to deny the universe. Adapt or Die
  2. Glamour is free -- Glamour is everywhere, and if not used is worthless to all, unseelie or seelie. Hoarding it away is irresponsible and makes no sense, as it is replenishible. As long as there are mortals to muse or ravage there will always be those who dream -- therefor there will always be Glamour. Acquire by any means possible, and you will never be with out.
  3. Honor is a lie -- The modern world does not hold any place for ancient virtues like Honor. This is merely a thin veil of paint to cover the emptiness behind a great deal of traditions. Only the truth can be attained though one's own self interest.
  4. Passion before duty -- To deny your passions is to deny your fae self. This leads to stagnation and hence banality. Follow what you feel, trust your instincts, and act on your impulses. Live life to the fullest with out regard to what the consequences may bring. Those hang overs will still come in the morning. Life is short, live in the moment and enjoy it whiles you can. Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you may die.


In the past, the Unseelie Court ruled during the winter months (Samhain to Beltaine) and transferred power to the Seelie Court during the summer months (Beltaine to Samhain). Currently the Court is ruled year round by the Seelie Court, with a token exception during Samhain, a matter that causes unrest and argument among nobles and common folk alike.

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