Monday, August 1, 2011

[npc] Cadmium Redd

Cadmium Redd
Nocker, Grump

Once a populist commoner leader, Cadmium has become a dangerous, frightening leader who has no fear of the insidious nature of Cold Iron and Banality.    As the leader of Goblin Town,  Cadmium commands with intimidation and power, much like the Red Queen from Through the Looking Glass.  Her favourite weapon is a large, imposing black iron rod, the handle of which is wrapped in leather, and topped by a ram's head.  The ram's ruby eyes grow in battle.  She also wears a suit of red gold armor, with spider-like legs giving her the maneuverability her actual figure lacks.

Cadmium has lost the favor of Doctor Coma, who now hopes to somehow remove her from power, and eliminate her before she becomes a threat to all Kithain.  Her recent project involves the creation of a Cold Iron cage, but as to for whom, it remains to be seen.

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