Saturday, August 13, 2011

II - The Call to Adventure - Part Three

An Oathcircle is formed.

With the goal being to rescue Sir Thortal, Princess Lenore forges an Oathcircle with Sir Felix, Lady Songbird, and Flynn Wordweaver.  The four then make their preparations for the quest.
Lady Songbird decides to offer the Trod in the Patrician as the point of entry to the Dreaming.  She realizes the other oath of secrecy that she had promised and asks for the Oathcircle to be mindful of it as well.  She notices her knights having a rivalry of sorts, and eventually agrees to rename Sir Finn into Sir Awll.

Flynn Wordweaver visits Duke Dray in hopes of having weapons and learns the Duke insists on joining him in the quest.  The Duke wears a hideous armor that blocks out his senses (in order to maintain the secrecy of the oath) which allows Flynn to leave the Duke behind.  He takes with him a set of magical throwing knives, blades which could be retargeted at the last second to strike a different target with but one's mind.

Sir Felix Southpaw gathers up the Glamour he can, including Dross which he successfully takes from Lady Songbird's knights through verbal wordplay.

The three gather at the Patrician, witness a brief outburst from the young man, Miles, and attempt to open the Trod.  It is only later that Lady Songbird and Sir Real realize that the Trod can only be opened while feeling the grip of lust.

In the Dreaming, the heroes encounter a myriad of things:  an information broker in the form of a bird who sells them information which leads them off the Silver Path, a set of statues that seem to speak of a woman and her children running away from someone, a silver river that eventually reveals itself to be a dragon now freed from its geas, and even a pirate in a sea of stars where desires are granted without a second-thought.

In each encounter, the heroes find a way to work together, or to confuse their opponents, using every skill or knowledge they have to their disposal.   Their greatest threats however, were to come from two other places:  their past.  And their future.

Upon finding the Silver Path, Lady Songbird sees the wreckage of a carriage that once belonged to her and her husband, a man named Danwyn.  Against the other's words, she tries to recover the contents of the carriage.  But when they find the tree ahead of them, she decides to bury the cask for now and to return to it some other time. The tree happens to be another one of the Ghulle Dhu, and the old one questions them for not choosing to return to the Dreaming instead.  It warns them that great threats are coming.  And leaves.

The group then finds a Ruined Arch to take home, but learn it is watched by a massive Spider chimera.  Lenore is snared into its web, and Sir Felix and Flynn struggle to find a way to best it, even as it attacks from the shadows.   Lady Songbird, on the other hand, discovers the Huntsman on the path, stalking them, and thankfully succeeds in an Ordeal against his dogs.  The Huntsman allows them to leave for now.

The Oathcircle find themselves emerging in the Kingdom of Pacifica, all the way in the other side of America.  There, amidst Justin Beiber songs and stilleto heels, the group discover they had been gone for barely a minute.

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