Friday, August 26, 2011

III - The Refusal of the Call - Season Ender

The wedding is moved to an earlier date.
And the rest of Concordia finds itself rushing to make changes.

Lady Songbird, Flynn Wordweaver, Sir Felix Southpaw, and the rest of the Oathcircle find themselves once more crossing paths in the Kingdom of Willows as High King David Ardry and Faerilyth ap Eiluned celebrate before numerous witnesses their marriage.

While there, the group as individuals are introduced to a host of new characters:  From the lovespat between the unacknowledged duchess Igrania, and the contesting duke, Firedrake, to the disturbing siblings Duke Siva and Duchess Kali, the sultry Sabrina Lennin-Corvald, and the tinkering Duke Murdoch.  They learn of how the Kingdom of Willows still hold much to slavery and racism, and eventually meet the charismatic King Meilge.

As the wedding progresses, Lady Songbird and Flynn Wordweaver work their magic once more to help keep the night productive, even with Princess Lenore acting emotionally distraught over her father's choice of actions.  But when the wedding takes a turn for the worse, the oathcircle finds itself at the center of a Kingdom without a High King, of warring sides declaring loyalties to varying leaders, to a Princess disavowing her right to rule, and of an Oathcircle embracing a new name.  Caliburn, the High King's most potent Treasure and the symbol of the Dreaming's favor in his rule had suddenly departed from the missing High King and had transported itself into the hands of the eshu storyteller, Flynn.  The sword, through words Flynn alone can hear, tells him that it will remain with him until the rightful bearer is found.

The Seekers of the High King is united by oath and by promise.


However, in the Kingdom of Apples, the young ward of Lady Songbird awakes from his feverish dreams and a new face comes to the fore.  His chimerical mein becomes fully apparent as he declares out loud, "I am Danwyn ap Gwydion, the rightful King of this realm.  Where is my Queen?"

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