Monday, August 1, 2011

[npc] Sir Awll

Sir Awll
Finn Montieh
Troll Knight, Wilder
Unseelie of House Fiona

This young man was a troll who was carousing in Goblin Town when the Lady Songbird called out for assistance.  She offered a title in exchange for help in traversing Goblin Town; an exchange which Finn felt to be well worth the effort.

Finnegan, however, lost one of his arms and now has to content with being a one-armed knight.  He has no family of any sort to return home to, however, which suits him just fine.

He finds himself jealous of Lady Songbird's attentions towards the young man, Miles, however, and wonders if there will come a time he should... remove such distractions before they endanger the Baroness he loves.

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