Saturday, August 6, 2011

II - The Call to Adventure - Part Two

Months have passed.

Lady Songbird discovers her dear Miles continues to suffer lapses in his memory.  From his strange state of being somewhat Enchanted and his moments where he seems to have some other personality.  She is uncertain if he is approaching a Chrysalis.  Or worse, if something else is happening to the young man.   Adding even more complication into her colorful life, the Duke Kelodin then calls for the baroness for a meeting.  There, she finds herself meeting more than just the Duke.   The Queen of the Kingdom of Apples joins them and informs her she is aware of her bid for a seat in the Parliament of Dreams.  To her surprise both he and the Queen Mab give their approval for her to become the Advocate of Goblin Town.  The Queen however stresses that Cadmium Redd must live.  Doctor Coma is not happy to hear that Lady Songbird's rise to power will not result in the Nocker's death and now raises questions to his support in the endeavor.   And just when Lady Songbird thought things could not get worse...

Flynn Wordweaver begins to have clearer dreams in the passing weeks.  More and more he begins to unearth the events that transpired that infamous Beltaine night.  He notices that Faerylith has not been present during the many interviews.    A quick trip to the Trod Away From Home exposes him to the many rumors of the High King and his upcoming wedding.  He decides to visit Queen Mab and is surprised to be welcomed inside.   To his surprise, Queen Mab knows nothing of his dreams.  Duke Dray joins the meeting and the two uncover that Flynn's visions are likely real.  To protect him, the Queen declares him a Treasure of the Apples and any acts done directly to him are actions the Kingdom of Apples will retaliate against when necessary.    With Duke Dray assigned to protect him, the Duke steals Flynn away to induct him into a secret order:  The Beltaine Blade.   And after surviving the frightening induction, Flynn learns fate has something in addition in store.

Sir Felix Southpaw is lost in the Dreaming.  His journeys bring him to strange horizons and transforming landscapes.   Strangely, the things in the Dreaming seem to recognize him in some manner one way or another.    Eventually, Felix realizes some of the landscapes he travels through are dreams, and in a savannah dream he grabs hold of the waking Dreamer and pulls himself into the world. He discovers he is all the way in Australia and there befriends a young troll child, Amelie, and her Ghillie Dhu friend Simon.    Simon admits to Felix that he recognizes him, and shares with him his failed romantic life with a woman named Helena.  Felix agrees to escort Simon to the borders of the Deep Dreaming in exchange for a trod back to the Kingdom of Apples.  Secrets and answers he learns, sadly fade away as he reemerges in New York city.  Back there, he finds Master Seamus who shares the troubles of his quest for the Lost Ones, and later Thortal who opts to accompany him in searching for Lenore.  Who would have anticipated the strange portents and search would lead them to the events Dan had mapped out for the group.

All three find their paths converging at the street corner where a particular movie theater stands.  A freak accident leads to Thortal being pinned by a car against a brick wall.  In the panic, Felix attempts to heal him with the goblin fruit he had found in his pocket.  The fruit causes Thortal to fade away, pulled into the Dreaming itself.   Flynn and Lady Songbird clumsily attempt to distract the numerous unenchanted witnesses from the events and instead make things even far more complicated.  Lenore uses a quick illusion to weave herself into a splitting image of Thortal's mortal seeming to proclaim the event as a reality tv stunt.  Flynn and Songbird realize among the crowd is Joseph van Noceti III, who at first relishes at the Escheat being possibly broken.  But when the Princess' Cantrip succeeds, the Dauntain realizes the four Changelings may be strong enough to overpower him, and departs.

Lenore demands the others assist her and the group regathers at Coffee, Biscuit, Tea to swear as a group an Oath to rescue Thortal from the Dreaming.  The beginnings of an OathCircle are born.

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