Saturday, December 3, 2011

[item] Caliburn

Caliburn is the sword of High King David and is said to have been the sword of all High Kings that have ever ruled.  Blessed with incredible powers, few are truly aware of the range of abilities the magical blade is capable of.  Of what is known is the ability of the blade to deliver itself from threats when the High King is no longer able to protect the blade.

The blade is believed to now be searching for the (new) High King.  Back during the Accordance War, the young David found the blade somewhere in the depths of Goblin Town, and it was his emergence from its tunnels with the sword in hand, and the majestic Griffon chimerical image that brought the beginnings of the end of the war.

Now, in the hands of Flynn Wordweaver, the search for the High King continues.  Will he find the High King before the kingdoms of Concordia tear the land apart?

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