Saturday, December 3, 2011

[npc] Duchess Kali

Duchess Kali
Unseelie Court, Wilder
Sidhe of Ailil
Member of the Shadow Court

One of twins born who has been constantly quarreling through-out their reincarnations, Kasmeara once found herself captured by her rival, Sarinius after years of  fighting against one another into stalemates.   Rather than submit to his victory, Kasmeara slew herself as a final bid to escape. Little did she know, Sarinius would kill himself as well, choosing to die til the Dreaming allowed them to challenge one another again.

With black hair that reaches down to almost to her knees, Duchess Kali has changed her choice of clothing to a darker shade as well.  While retaining a tight-fitting preference to fashion, her approach to the darker tones mimics the Duke Siva so much that it may be intended to cause confusion in others.

Her love of intrigue is matched only by his passion for lies.  But be warned, they both revel in destruction above all pursuits.

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